Our trained 1st Response Specialists are on standby to respond to any emergency, whether for an armed response, paramedic, roadside assist specialist or legal / financial emergency. From providing immediate armed/unarmed intervention, or provision of emergency “Buddy First Aid” to stabilise a subscriber or emergency roadside assistance as in provision of fuel, changing a tyre, arranging a breakdown van, initial flat battery jump charge or even staying with a subscriber
until specialised support arrives.

A 1st Responder is also extremely important as it is his / her report that will determine whether Global Command will,
based on the report by the 1st Responder:
(a) Activate an Armed Tactical Team / Police *(Dependent on country laws)
(b) Activate medical & ambulance response
(c) Activate vehicle towing & recovery services
(d) Activate a legal specialist to assist a client or lastly
(e) Activating emergency cash for a subscriber who has been robbed or lost their purse / wallet (Recoupable).

EMS 1st Responders respond on motorcycles, cars, vans & LDV’s!