Introducing the EMS 24/7 Global Card!


When you become a subscribed member of the EMS 24/7 Satellite Tracking, Monitoring & Response family, you automatically get an EMS 24/7 Global Membership Card, that is either ALSO a Prepaid Credit or Prepaid Voucher PayCard!

Why am I getting this card and what is the benefit thereto for me?

OUR service is holistic! Our Motto is: “There 4 YOU, 24/7 x 365!”. This means that no matter your emergency, big or small, you need to know that there is back up and support for ANY emergency!

This includes financial emergencies as well! One can have their purse or wallet stolen, or be forced to travel in high risk areas using public transport and face the possibility of your money being stolen.

We want to make life safer, easier and stress free, which means that NOT ONLY do we RESPOND to your emergency SOS signal, we see our responsibility in our business as securing your life in every way! And we achieve a lot of this with the EMS 24/7 PayCard!

In South Africa, it is a well known fact that many people, especially women, are abducted for their PIN numbers to allow armed criminals to force them to divulge their PIN numbers and in so doing allow these perpetrators to empty their victim’s bank account before normally doing something extremely horrible to them, often murdering them!


This is why we have designed and issue the EMS 24/7 Prepaid Voucher PayCard! We want to cover every aspect of YOUR security, and believe that FINANCIAL security is as important as personal security!

The EMS PayCard is MORE than just a Membership Card, it is your direct connection to an alternative to conventional banking AND it still gives YOU access to your CASH when needed.

IF you…

    • Are robbed or lose your wallet, we will assist you to recover your voucher credits as NO ONE except YOU can use your card at any of our Merchant Partners, draw funds from our programmed ATM’s or redeem cash online by instructing an EFT transferring Voucher Credits into a conventional FEAT bank account. *(T’s & C’s apply!)
    • Are robbed or lose your wallet and need money urgently to get home, if a local taxi company is contracted into our Merchant Partner Program we can instruct them to collect you and take you home or to work, and make payment against a verbal instruction with PASSWORDS from you that will irrevocably identify you prior to said transaction happening.
      If you need emergency CASH we can credit your account with a Prepaid Credit Voucher and you can approach any of our ReLoad® Merchant Partners and redeem the Voucher Credit LESS the 5% redemption fee payable to the Merchant Partner for busying your voucher back;
    • If you need an emergency LOAN we can assist, subject to credit and affordability criteria, to arrange urgent finance for your personal use, whether to pay a bill, do a debt consolidation, buy a cheap car or household furniture … ONE CALL gets you funded within 24 hours!
    • PLUS … enjoy ALL the benefits of being a CGG Group Card Holder. Enjoy access to a world of discounted services and benefits that make life a luxury. Save, earn points and use your Reward Program to buy those essentials or even a gift for a loved one…