Our EMS 247 Global Plans are designed specifically to provide IMMEDIATE RESPONSE through our Emergency Management Services contractors globally to any incident. BIG or small … We respond to all!

While all of our products and services are linked to a common goal: EMS response and incident management, and we have ONE Global Command & Operations Centre that manages the above, our sophisticated satellite technology allows us to monitor, track and manage incidents in 180 countries worldwide.

So while we are only currently marketing the product in 4 countries for now, no matter WHERE a subscriber is in any of these countries, we can be there for them … @ Work … @ Home … @ Play … Responding to assist in any emergency situation to any subscriber using one of our satellite based devices.

Individual Plans

  • EMS 247 GLOBAL recognizes the fact that there are as many single people as coupes, partners and married persons, and in this has designed the EMS INDIVIDUAL PLAN….

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Family Plans

  • EMS 247 GLOBAL recognizes the fact that parents cannot always be around when needed, no matter how hard they try, but EMS 247 Global can be! With our FAMILY PLAN every member… 

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Small Business

  • EMS 247 GLOBAL recognises the fact that small companies are cost conscious and need specific time management and employee scheduling controls. Additionally in today’s world, companies employ staff…

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  • We offer an integrated, bespoke solution from the provision of a Concierge Service for Board Members to security logistics strategies, fleet management and personnel and asset protection, tracking & monitoring.
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