Finance Assist

In the event of any EMS 247 Global subscriber encountering a situation where their wallet is lost or stolen, we will dispatch a 1st Responder to their position to meet and drive them to the nearest ATM where dependent on the local technology, we will either transfer up to USD$500 to the 1st Responder’s account to give to them or allow a ‘no card present’ withdrawal through their EMS 247 Global prepaid credit card.

EVERY single EMS 247 Global client, when subscribing, is given a prepaid credit card that doubles as their membership card. *(In SA we use a prepaid voucher card that allows for credit downloads). This card not only becomes the clients link to the company for administrative and formal communication requirements it is the vehicle through which we can loan, advance funds and deduct premiums.

Every single client, when subscribing, is offered a loan on their credit card *(each different and based on their country’s Laws and Financial Regulators) from USD1,000 to USD10,000, dependent on credit risk.