1st Responder Benefits

When becoming a 1st Responder with EMS 247 Global your primary reason for doing so must be a passion for service excellence! Our specialists love their jobs and the money they earn is normally incidental in their current careers. AS an EMS 247 Global 1st Responder we show you how to become your OWN BOSS within our infrastructure, enjoying the support of a dedicated Command Team from specialised training, 247 x 365 monitoring and tracking, *(BIG BROTHER), ongoing managed training and support programs, financial support and incentives, work provided for each 1st Responder and where if they follow the program, they can achieve a far better standard of living and working conditions than working for a BOSS in the services sector.


As 1st Responder that is affiliated with Ems24/7 Global 1st Responder you will receive the following benefits:

  • Training on incident & response management techniques to allow you to operate a an accredited EMS 247 Global 1st Responder
  • Marketing support in your region when subscribing to sign up at least 1000 subscribers in your area
  • You can decide if you want to operate on a fee / call out or on a monthly subscription basis per client
  • You are authorised to market and sell the EMS 247 Global product range in your area on a commission basis
  • You are authorised to be accredited to undertake electrical product & alarm installations in your area
  • You are authorised to, subject to cash flow, open an EMS 247 Global office in your region
  • You are authorised to make use of the EMS 247 Global systems and online store to advance your business
  • You get 24/7 x 365 Global monitoring and tracking in your contract with Tactical & Medcial Back up included
  • You have 247 x 365 access to communicate with the Global Command Centre and obtain support & advice
  • You become a part of a global family of like minded professionals whose lives are dedicated to assisting others who cannot help themselves

We assist all EMS 247 Global Responders to get into business by arranging:

  • You can buy a vehicle for your business on a rent to buy basis
  • You get your entire kit and clothing for yourself and 2 other team members you will employ
  • You get a radio, satellite tracking & SOS response unit, GO Pro Camera and bullet proof equipment at reduced rates
  • You get your vehicle branded with lights and emergency hazards fitted at cost
  • You get training of the highest standard and on an ongoing basis
  • You get local, regional and national marketing support from email, TV and billboard campaigns
  • You get insured at all levels through your association with EMS 247 Global for public liability, personal accident & death and medical aid