Life Registry

There for YOU when you cannot speak for yourself! Too many people die or are placed into extremely uncomfortable situations due to a lack of access to not having the required information at hand when needed by a police, medical or similar specialist! Life Registry is an independent accredited and highly regulated specialist data registry that we have contracted into for the sole purpose of holding our clients and their families personal data.

YOU DECIDE what to provide us with, but Life Registry makes the following possible and which authorises EMS 247 Global Command to release this information which COULD SAVE A LIFE if available, such as:
(a) Medical: Blood type, Chronic illness or medication details
(b) Medical Aid / Insurance Details and Doctor, Dentist
and other medical specialists / practitioners managing the health of a subscriber or their family.
(c) Heart Conditions
(d) Sufferers of dementia or on an autistic register
(e) Stroke or aneurysm sufferes and much more

You may also keep home and business details, contact details, next of kin, personal legal advisor or insurance broker and more to ensure that, no matter what, when needed any information that could mean the difference between life or death, service or loss of privilege LIFE REGISTRY allows us to share this information on an authorised and structured basis with legally competent and qualified people when required.

No Matter the emergency … BIG or small … we manage them all!


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