Tactical Response- South Africa Only

Our specially trained Tactical Teams are trained to Special Forces Standards to allow them to deal with any eventuality requiring ARMED INTERVENTION!

In SA & the USA our stringent recruitment requirements mean that any trainee has to be willing to  work as a 1st Responder while undergoing this specialised training where they will spend at least 1 year in this program.

Training involves working shifts in the real world as a 1st Responder and gaining valuable real live experience while rotation rosters allow these same trainees to attend specialised courses in marksmanship, *(up to ‘killing house’ hostage recovery training, marksmanship, helicopter and light aircraft insertions, rappelling onto buildings and moving vehicles and doing advanced medical training,law and high level unarmed combat. The level of fitness of a Tactical Team unit member is 96% and must remain so at all times.

These teams do all our:
(a) hostage recoveries
(b) car & truck hijacking recoveries
(c) Social & political unrest VIP / Client recoveries
(d) Child kidnapping & abduction response & recoveries
(e) Human trafficking & sex trade recoveries
(f) Organ harvesting response and victim recoveries and all armed interventions requiring their special skill sets.

EMS 247 Global Tactical Teams are also inserted into foreign countries to recover sex trafficking victims and hostages where legally allowed.