Trauma Counciling

No matter how strong a person is emotionally, or how tough they are, there comes a time when a loved one passes away, a person is suffering from depression, or involved in an armed home invasion, car accident or shooting incident in public!

ALL to close for comfort and terribly traumatic. EMS 247 Global understands this and we have a team of trained counsellors and psychologists on standby to respond to any trauma situation involving a client of EMS 247 Global or a family member, and we will pay the cost of the first 1 hour of counseling when needed.

We also intend on introducing a telephonic call in service where subscribers or victims of domestic abuse, lost girls or children and any other person needing assistance of an emotional nature and who is alone,can get immediate support by calling the EMS Trauma Line and discussing their problems with a trained volunteer. This is EMS 247 Global’s way of supporting their communities over and above which we will also respond to any incident of domestic abuse, child molestation, lost or missing children or people and abductions / kidnapping or hostage taking!