V Track – Vehicle Monitoring, Recovery & Fleet Management Services

A natural extension to our Life Track Personal Tracking Device allowing emergency personal response, is the V Track Vehicle Tracking & Management Device! This device is quite unique in that not only does it provide all the features and functions as provided by the competition, we now offer additional add-on products both in our price and as an add on product or service that makes a subscription to V Track essential for every single vehicle owner in South Africa and globally, whether a private family, a small or large business or a fleet, our system and service is tailored to best serve the needs and requirements of our clients, whether in an emergency or simply in the effective and safe running of their vehicles!

What is V Track?

V Track is a satellite tracking & vehicle management system that is installed on any motor cycle, motor vehicle, LDV, truck or bus which is in danger of being stolen, is involved in an accident or incident where a response to any emergency situation, from a collision to running out of petrol. Additionally all FLEET Managers will appreciate the V Track® system as it allows a dedicated Tax an Vehicle Cost Management system that allows for tight controls on fuel usage, delivery schedules and personal safety when traveling long distance or in HIGH RISK areas. For families and especially women, the risk of hijacking, abduction and rape / murder, while horrible to think of, is an everyday reality in South Africa!
While we cannot and will not promise to STOP these happenings, with a V Track® fitted system you have a far better chance of avoiding and even surviving an incident such as this than if you rely simply on your mobile telephone to get help in an emergency situation. The requirement for a remote monitoring and incident response management system involving motor vehicle operators in SA and globally is now of such a nature that one should not be without a V Track® in their vehicle!


V Track® currently retails at R2550.00 / vehicle *(Fitted) in South Africa any person fitting a V Track® Tracking & Vehicle Management unit to their vehicle can subscribe to our monthly monitoring and emergency response service from only R179.00 per vehicle + VAT. When 2 or more vehicles are fitted with a V Track® system we will charge R179 pm for the first vehicle and all vehicles registered to the same owners R149 pm inc Vat. Fitting cost is included and vehicle owners can book a hoe / office visit by a Fitter or make an appointment to call at one of our accredited Fitment Centres countrywide and get their V Track system installed! Launching in SA from 1 October we are offering our first 10,000 clients R1500 off per unit if pre-ordered, paid and installed! V Track subscribers enjoy ALL the benefits of Buddy Traq Subscribers PLUS the V Track benefits and services!


The first 1000 Women to have a V Track® system fitted to their vehicles which includes installation
and the monthly monitoring & response fee is only R129 for the first year on a 24 month monitoring & response contract!


Become a V Track accredited Installer today. We are looking for Motor Fitment Centres, Auto Electrical and Mechanical Workshops, as well as mobile Installers with own reliable clean vehicle to join today, Simply email: vtrack@ems247mobi.com or click below.

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